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Welcome to the Restore Nineveh Now shop. We will be adding items regularly, so check back often. Every purchase you make helps support Restore Nineveh Now and gets the word out about the project.

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Check back frequently as we add new print and downloadable books to the store – thank you. 


Displaced in Print:

Announcing the new print version of Displaced! This beautiful 50 plus page book tells the story of how Assyrians and Yezidis are fighting for their lives, land, and their very sense of self in Iraq. Now with more photographs than even the eBook, Displaced is perfect for your home. At only $50.00, including shipping to the 48 contiguous United States, Displaced is an ideal resource to explain the Assyrian struggle for their own place and future on the Nineveh Plain. View sample pages below and order your copy of Displaced today.

Expect one to two weeks for delivery. If ordering outside of the 48 contiguous United States, please contact us here about special shipping arrangements.

All money from the sale of Displaced goes to support the global Restore Nineveh Now initiative. Print, soft cover, 54 pages.


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Displaced eBook:
All money from the sale of Displaced, the eBook, goes to support the global Restore Nineveh Now initiative. PDF format, 45 pages.



NPU and GPF Patches

Get the official training and staff patch of the Nineveh Plains Protection Units (NPU) and the Gorzato Protection Forces (GPF)! These patches are the very same as those worn by the NPU and the GPF.

The NPU is the only state-recognized Assyrian fighting force in Iraq. Battled hardened against ISIS, the NPU is readying itself to take part in the assault on Mosul.

The GPF is the largest and most embattled Assyrian fighting force in Syria. Invovled in daily encounters, the GPF holds the line against ISIS and the YPG on the frontlines of Syria’s bloody civil war.

Each patch only $12.00, shipping and handling included.

NPU Patch – $12.00


GPF Patch – $12.00


2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Seyfo, the “Year of the Sword,” in which hundreds of thousand of Assyrians and Armenians, nearly 1.5 million Christians, were slaughtered by Turkish and Kurdish forces in the largest Islamic organized genocide that the world had has ever seen. Dr. David Gaunt has done a thorough job in explaining the “how’s” and “why’s” of one of history’s little known mass-murder of Christians by Muslims bent on purifying their state. Paperback, 68 pages.









The Assyrian Genocide: When, Where and How
by Prof. David Gaunt, 2011

Purchase as a downloadable eBook – $6.00 each. 









The Assyrian Genocide: When, Where and How
by Prof. David Gaunt, 2011

Order by mail – $12.00 each.



We are pleased to offer two version of Take a Stand, the beautiful photographic print by Jeff Gardner of an Assyrian volunteer standing guard in the Assyrian Christian city of Al Qosh, Iraq. Each print is 11″ X 17″ and only $20.00. Print maybe ordered with or without text (click on an image to enlarge it), and are wall or frame ready. 


Take A Stand – With Text – $20.00



Take A Stand – Without Text – $20.00