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The Iraqi-Syrian Christian Children’s Relief Fund


Assyrian Christian children in the war-torn Syrian city of Qamishli need our support.

The Restore Nineveh Now Foundation’s goal is to establish safe havens, a place of their own, for Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria. Essential to this goal is to safeguard the next generation of Christians in the Middle East, ensuring that they grow up. stay and thrive in their ancestral homeland.

Today, however, the Christian children of Iraq and especially Syria are suffering. Because of the war waged by ISIS, children in Iraq and Syria live in a constant state of fear and uncertainty.

To bring them peace and a sense of home and stability, Restore Nineveh Now is calling on everyone to support its Iraqi-Syrian Christian Children’s Relief Fund (ISCCRF).

Working with established and trusted not-for-profits in Europe, Iraq and Syria, the ISCCRF will provide money for schooling, housing and utilities such as heat and electricity.

Your support for this critical fund will bring immediate relief to the children and their families of war-torn Iraq and Syria. If the war is going to end in these countries, these children, this next generation, must know something besides fear and suffering.

Please, support the effort generously. When you help the children, you help the whole community.

For individual donations, please use the donation button below. For churches and civic groups, please contact us and we will send you materials to organize a fund drive throughout your organization.


By Phone at: 424 – 273 -8712

By email at

Or, just fill out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.


Thank you and blessings during this Christmas season.