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End The War In Syria with WELS

End The War In Syria with WELS

Google Maps_Syria_Khabor

The Khabur Region, Syria – Click to enlarge

The Restore Nineveh Now Foundation, in coordination with The American Mesopotamian Organization and MECHRIC has launched a new and groundbreaking initiative to bring peace, stability and an end to war in Hassaka, Syria.

Called “West to East – Leadership in Syria” or “WELS” this initiative will establish a locally administered, self-governing region by the Assyrian people in the Khabour region of the Hassaka Province, located in northeast Syria (see map above – click to enlarge).

Since 2011, civil war has raged in Syria without any end in sight. Western governments, especially the United States, have been unable or unwilling to exercise leadership in the region and bring an end to the conflict.

The result of this leadership vacuum has been the absence of a stable government and non-stop murder and mayhem by the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Free Syrian Army and the so-called Islamic State (IS) against Assyrian Christians throughout the region.

Therefore, the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation recognizes that with no end in sight to the war in Syria, Assyrians and Assyrian communities, especially those in the Hassaka Province, have no choice but to provide for their own protection and governance.

Through WELS, the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation will provide financial assistance and training in community defense and self-governance for a key group of Assyrian communities in the Hassaka Province in northeast Syria.

Working with 35 select villages in the Khabour region, governance and military volunteers from the US will draw on the founding principles of our country (notably the inalienable, God-given right of self governance) to select and train representatives to a General Assembly and an Executive Officer. Once these two branches of governance are in place, the WELS partnership will begin to work on the expansion or implementation of the following items in the self-governed region of Khabour:

Increased protection and security for Christians through the use of local, Minutemen-like militias;

The bringing together of members of the International community and the warring parties in Syria (with the exception of ISIS) to negotiate an end to the civil war, and coordinate the systematic defeat and destruction of the so-called Islamic State;

An increase of general humanitarian aid for refugees and displaced peoples in the Hassaka region;

The rebuilding and re-establishment of churches and other religious structures closed, damaged or destroyed by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or ISIS;

The re-institution of an ethnically relevant, Christian-based educational system for the region’s Assyrian children, with all subjects taught in the Assyrian language (Syriac or Neo-Aramaic). English and Arabic will be offered only as second and third languages, respectively;

The initiation of programs to re-establish agriculture and light industries in the region;

The establishment of a non-Sharia, US-based system of justice in which all accused parties are treated equally and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

All these particulars aside, WELS’ main purpose is to enable the Assyrian people in Hassaka to govern themselves, rebuild their communities, and break free of the interference and domination of Islamic groups.

Restore Nineveh Now Foundation has been planning the WELS initiative for many months, and realizes that it may be many months or even years before it comes to its full fruition. However, a region of self-governance for Assyrian Christians in Syria is long overdue, and once established, should remain in place until such time as law and order returns to the country of Syria.

We are asking everyone to support the WELS initiative generously, and we will bring you updates about the General Assembly and the Executive Officer later this month.

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