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A Global Day of Prayer

A Global Day of Prayer

In Syria, out of sight of the global media, Assyrian Christians are fighting ISIS to protect their faith, their families and their homes. Many have been killed in this fight, leaving their families and communities stricken with grief and fear.

The American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) and Restore Nineveh Now Foundation (RNNF) are asking congregations and church leaders around the world to join together in a global day of prayer and remembrance for those Assyrian Christians who have been killed while resisting ISIS, as well as the bereaved loved ones who have been left behind.

Bellow is link to a prayer flyer (pdf) with the faces and names of some of the fallen from Syria. These men had volunteered with the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians (KACG) and Gozarto Protection Forces (GPF) in Syria, putting themselves and their lives between ISIS and all that they held dear.

Would you please join us this Sunday, August 30th, in praying for peace and the repose of the souls of these fallen men?

Restore Nineveh Now Foundation

A Prayer For Peace


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