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Two more have fallen.

Two more have fallen.


On August 10 and August 19 two young, Assyrian fighters, Shlemon George Marokel (pictured above, left) and Issa Garwrieh (pictured above, right), were killed in Syria while fighting ISIS.

Shelmon was a member of the Natorehs, a Christian brigade which is sometimes referred to as The Assyrian Guards and have fought ISIS in the Khabour valley. Issa was a member of the Gozarto Protection Forces which have seen heavy fighting against ISIS in the Hassake province in Northern Syria.

The Restore Nineveh Now Foundation extends its deepest condolences over the deaths of these two brave men, and reaffirms its commitment of support to the families that they left behind.

Please help the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation provide financial assistance to the families of these brave Assyrian fighters by giving to the Fallen Fighter Fund.

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