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Update and Battle Report – Assyrian Fighters – June, 2015

Update and Battle Report – Assyrian Fighters – June, 2015

As we reported on June 2nd, Assyrian fighters, members of the Gozarto Protection Force, or GPF, were engaged in heavy fighting with ISIS terrorists. We now have details of the battle which, at the time of this writing, is still ongoing.

Starting on May 31, ISIS thugs launched an assault Al-Hasakah, the capital of the province of the same name.    

By Wednesday, June 3rd, the entrance to the city was engulfed in a fierce battle, complete with with mortar rounds, rockets and heavy gunfire..

ISIS has launched at least six suicide attacks, but were held back, in part, by members of the Gozarto Protection Forces.

As of Thursday morning, June 4, ISIS militants withdrew from their attack, and the Gozarto Protection Forces have launched a counterattack to retake the Al-Hasakah Power Plant located just south of the city.

We have some causality reports concerning fighters from the GPF, and among the five wounded we want to highlight the case of Bolous Mirza.

Wounded by shrapnel in his spinal column and additional tearing of the intestines, Bolous underwent surgery in the city of Al-Hassakeh. Once in stable condition he was taken to the city of Qamishly and then transferred for more specialized care.

Though Bolous has survived his injuries, reports are that he lost (at least) the use of his leg for life, and will require ongoing treatment and care.

Bolous is a young man in his twenties, and RNN Foundation has launched a special fund (see the button below), as part of it mission to support those are wounded in the fight against ISIS, to help Bolous look forward to productive future.

Our present goal is $10,000.00 for Bolous, and we will post updates on the amount that you raise in support of this fallen Assyrian fighter.

Yes, I want to help Bolous with his medical treatment and future recovery!
Sugested donations are $100.00, but all amounts are welcome.

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