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Assyrian fighters take the initiative!

Assyrian fighters take the initiative!

GPF_Logo_06_02_15Back in March of 2015, we told you about the formation and deployment of the Gozarto Protection Units (GPU) in Assyrian towns and villages which were under attack by ISIS. The Gozarto means “island” region, and is the area between the Khabour and Euphrates rivers in Al- Hasakeh province. This land that has been inhabited by the Assyrian people for centuries.









GPF fighters in an undisclosed location

The GPU is now well organized and has renamed itself the Gozarto Protection Force, or GPF. Taking the same emblem as the NPU, the GPF is, our sources on the ground tell us, engaging ISIS thugs in an ongoing battle. We are sorting out the details of this battle, and will bring them to you soon along with how we can support these Assyrian Christians as they take it to the enemy ISIS.

Stay tuned!

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