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A Post From Iraq

A Post From Iraq

Gen_Amed_Behnam_NPUPosted by Jeff Gardner –

On May 25, 2015, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gen. Amed Behman of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU) in the Assyrian Democratic Movement (the ADM) outpost in Alqosh, Iraq.

On any given day this important outpost, the Southern line between the Nineveh Plain and ISIS, is manned by a number of brave Assyrian soldiers.

Among the topics that we discussed was that of Matthew VanDyke and the future of the NPU. For those of you who do not know, Matthew VanDyke has been collecting money in the name of the NPU, and using select images to do so. One of those images was a picture of VanDyke and the General sitting on a couch in an unknown location.

I showed the General Matthew’s SOLI webpage (see here), and the photo of the General VanDyke has posted there. The General was VERY upset by the use of his image by VanDyke. The General was also angry about the delay that VanDyke has caused the NPU.

I can tell you plainly, and the General did not mince his words – making a slapping motion with his hands, he said, “We are finished with Matthew VanDyke!”

Restore Nineveh Now has no intention of engaging in a word-by-word argument with VanDyke. For those of us who have children, we understand that such a response is as much of a waste of time as arguing with a spoiled teenager.

Rather, I want to make it perfect clear that after having talked with the leaders of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and the NPU, Matthew VanDyke has NOTHING to do with the NPU. By way of example, though I will protect his identity by withholding his name, a young member of the NPU told me (in plain English) that “If I see him (VanDyke) again I am going to f*** him up.” I do not know how things could be any clearer.

Consequently, I will address you, Matthew, directly, this one time and one time only:

You know full-well that you were given a dismissal letter (dated February 28, 2105, subject line “Termination of Services”) signed by Gevara Zaya. You also know that you were asked (in the same letter) by the NPU not to use their logo, images or references to them (“in any capacity, commercial or otherwise”).

Why, then, do you persist in collecting money for an organization that has washed its hands of you? The funds you are collecting (from all over your website) are not benefiting the NPU. Where is the money going? You claim that SOLI is operating on a “non-profit business model.” The first rule of a not-for-profit is transparency. Please, as the saying goes, “show us the money.”

If you cannot, or will not, make an account for the money you are collecting in the name of the NPU, an organization that does not want to work with you, you are disingenuous, or some might even say, fraudulent. Until you come clean about the collecting of money in the name of an organization that has asked you to stop, please, not one more word about how people “hate” you.

For everyone else, I will bring you more posts concerning the situation in Iraq as soon as I able.

Jeff Gardner

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