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Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in News | 10 comments

Matthew VanDyke no longer invovled with NPU

Matthew VanDyke no longer invovled with NPU

In an interview posted earlier today, an NPU spokesman has stated that Mr. VanDyke is no longer involved in the efforts of the NPU. Unfortunately, Mr. VanDyke has continued to misrepresent himself, Restore Nineveh Now, and use the NPU as a means by which to promote himself and his business, SOLI.

Earlier today Mr. VanDyke received a letter from the American Mesopotamia Organization’s attorney ordering him to immediately take down all and any references to the NPU from all and any of his websites and online postings, including all visual images and related text.

Restore Nineveh Now hopes and expects that Mr. VanDyke will comply with this order and avoid further distractions from the important work which needs to be done for the Assyrians, Yezidis and other distressed and displaced peoples of the Nineveh Plain.

For futher information about this story, please contact:

Jeff Gardner
Director of Communications and Media
Restore Nineveh Now


  1. What a shame! Wahatch

  2. I know people who continue to donate to Soli thinking he is supporting NPU efforts, what can be done to get those funds move to support NPU EFFORTS?

    • Odi,

      We are aware of this and are not happy about it. Mr. VanDyke has no expereinece as a military trainer and we have cut all ties with him. The best approach now is word of mouth.

  3. …what about SOLI?? He never mentioned NPU and has been all over TV in the USA trying to raise support for the Christians in Iraq, training battalions etc.
    This sounds suspiciously like a smear campaign.
    Prove it!!!

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