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Build a Soldier with Restore Nineveh Now

Build a Soldier with Restore Nineveh Now



The purpose of Restore Nineveh Now work is to safeguard existing Assyrian and Yezidi lands and to take back what ISIS has plundered. To do this, we are building a native defence force called the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU), and we need your help.

The NPU will be composed mainly of Assyrians who have volunteered to fight ISIS. The NPU is already being organized, trained and equipped – but it needs more men, and this is where you come in.

It costs only about $1,000.00 to train and equip a member of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, not much at all.

We are now inviting individuals and organizations from around the world to contribute $1,000.00 and participate with us in the Build a Soldier Program. Any amount is welcome, but for just $1,000.00 you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have equipped and trained one more brave volunteer to stand up to ISIS.

For a contribution of $1,000.00, we will also enroll you as a full member in our Build a Soldier Program, complete with some unique “thank yous” and special privileges.

First, all Build a Soldier members will receive the beautiful, frame-ready photographic print of Take a Stand, which features an Assyrian Christian volunteer standing guard in the Assyrian Christian city of Al Qosh, Iraq.

Second, all members will receive an official Nineveh Plain Protection Units emblem patch (pictured above) – the very same emblem worn by members of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units in Iraq.

Lastly, all Build a Soldier members will receive exclusively Restore Nineveh Now’s quarterly Nineveh Regional Report. This e-publication, suitable for Mac, PC, iPad or Android, is loaded with information about the progress of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, what ISIS is up to next and an insider’s view of the whole region. Normally a $29.99 value, it is your’s exclusively for becoming a Build a Soldier member.

Make a contribution and build a soldier now.

To make a $1,000.00 contribution and become a member in the Build a Soldier program, click here:


For all other amounts, click here:

If you would like to send your support by mail, please make checks payable to Restore Nineveh Now and send them to:

Restore Nineveh Now
25379 Wayne Mills Place
Suite 345
Santa Clarita, CA 91355 USA

To discuss a larger gift or for details about the progress of Restore Nineveh Now, please contact us by phone, email or just fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.Restore Nineveh Now
424 – 273 -8712

All donations will be handled by the American Mesopotamian Organization, which is a not-for-profit organization, but is not a tax deductible charity.

Your support is vital to the success of  Restore Nineveh Now. ISIS will not be defeated by throwing words or spare change at them, and no amount of support is too small.Thank you




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