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The Last Plight –  The Movie

The Last Plight – The Movie

Ten minutes will change how you see the world.

That is, I know, quite a claim, but in this case it is true. The short film, The Last Plight, is now available online and is, I can tell you, one of the most powerful films about the victims of ISIS’ brutal work that I have yet seen. No special effects needed, just genuine, raw, human stories and emotions.

Having been to the region and spent hours with the very same sorts of people in this film, I can tell that The Last Plight is as close-the-bone honest as it gets. I have often said that the Assyrians, Yezidis and other who have had their lives stolen by ISIS are much the same as you and I. And in that sameness they need to be heard, need us to see them, and they need us to help them.

Watch the film, spread the word, support Restore Nineveh Now and helps us build a force that will take the fight to those ISIS bastards.

Jeff Gardner

Communication and Media
Restore Nineveh Now

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