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Posted by on Nov 13, 2014 in News | 3 comments

Muslims mutilate Christian women: It’s horrific… but is it true?

Muslims mutilate Christian women: It’s horrific… but is it true?

(Pictured above – The Assyrian flag)

A story is circulating around the Internet about how ISIS members are mutilating Christian women in Iraq and Syria, including cutting off their breasts. The story seems to have been passed along by Theodore Shoebat after he viewed an interview with Sr. Hatune at the In Defence of Christians conference held this past September in washington D.C. Note that in the interview Sr. Hatune mentions speaking with women who have escaped ISIS and who were raped and cut, but does not say that their breast were cut off.
That ISIS Muslims are brutal in their treatment of Assyrians and Yezidis is well established, and the depths of their barbarity are as of yet unknown. But whether this story is true or false, it re-enforces a point that ought not need to be re-enforced: ISIS must be destroyed and a stronger Assyrian presence must be established in the region of Northern Iraq. This is the only way that non-Muslims in the region have any hope of living in their native land, free from those who make terror their business.


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