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University of Miami Roommate Agreement

Your on-campus housing assignment, roommate information, news center, mailing address and more are always available on your campus housing portal. Access the campus housing portal via CaneLink for students by selecting the “Live and Eat” drop-down menu from the menu. For more information, see this Resource Guide. During the first few days in Miami, sit down with your roommate and get to know each other. Even if you were friends before coming to school, it`s important to get to know yourself as a roommate. If you`ve just met your roommate, it can be hard to start sharing, but start with the basics. In full support of the University`s educational mission, students living on campus should consider academic responsibility as their primary goal. Therefore, the purpose of a student`s room is primarily learning and sleeping, which take precedence over social privileges. Residents are expected to facilitate this environment for others around them. We strongly recommend that you bring your computer, bedding and clothes.

However, for more important things like TVs, stereos, personal phones, we recommend waiting and getting to know your roommate. You may make a list of things that each of you will come back with from the Thanksgiving break, or parents will send you larger items later. You can buy microwaves and refrigerators at several locations in Miami. When you go shopping, wait until you check in and meet your roommate! By talking to your roommate about these important points, you can help avoid conflicts before they happen. If you have a problem with your roommate or another member of your suite, you should talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). Your RA lives on your floor and has been carefully selected and trained to support you throughout the school year. Very often, RAs will talk to their supervisors and help you solve your problem, usually with a meeting of all the parties involved. It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with your roommates so that you can talk about any problems you may have. We expect our residents to treat themselves like adults and openly discuss their differences. This is the first step in resolving disputes.

If you continue to have problems and initially worked with your AR, you can contact the residential living office afterwards. Full-time professional staff and scientific staff can help you with additional steps. Once you`ve covered each other`s basics, you`re ready to move on to more serious areas that matter to roommates. Living in the same room doesn`t mean you have to do everything together, and you`ll necessarily be the best of friends, but you do mean you have to develop the ability to communicate with each other and adapt to each other`s lifestyle. Discuss the following questions with each other. 3. Attend a mediated meeting with your roommates and RA/CA. Housing & Residential Life`s policies and procedures provide and maintain a safe and comfortable environment in all residential areas for all those using the facilities. Therefore, all residents are required to follow these guidelines. Reviews and updates of our policies and procedures are conducted as required or annually. This document highlights the policies and procedures in effect at the time of publication. For a complete and up-to-date list of all policies and procedures, requests can be made by email to with the subject line “Request for Policies/Procedures”.

Seeing the policies and procedures Living with a roommate during a global pandemic is definitely a new experience. Having conversations early on the following topics can help you reduce problems later. Each residential area has free laundry facilities for all campus residents. All apartments in University Village and Lakeside Village are equipped with washers and dryers. Suites at Lakeside Village use laundry facilities throughout. Lakeside Village machines located in Lakeside Village`s shared laundry rooms are operated exclusively via a mobile app. How to use the app: Search for the CSCPay mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play, or visit Once logged into the laundry room in the app, scan the machine you want to use, check out frequently asked questions about using the app and connecting to the laundry room. Laundry students who wish to pay extra for full-service laundry and dry cleaning can enroll at Tide`s University Laundry. .