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A Huge Step Closer

A Huge Step Closer

NPU-Logo_Recruit_122014Thanks to months and months of hard work and the support of so many, we are one step closer to having the Nineveh Plains Protection Units (NPU) supported and backed by the government of Iraq and the United States.

Over a year ago, the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation began working with the Assyrian Democratic Movement to advocate for the NPU as a critical feature in the re-establishment and reconstruction of the Nineveh Plain and the Nineveh Plain Province.

Now, after countless phone calls, meetings and support from so many everywhere, the President of the United States has signed The National Defense Authorization Act for 2016. On page 221, section 1223 of the explanation of the Act, is the following:

“The Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, would be authorized to provide, in coordination to the extent practicable with the Government of Iraq, assistance pursuant to the Iraq Train and Equip authority directly to the Kurdish Peshmerga, Sunni tribal security forces, or other local security forces with a national security mission for the purpose of supporting international coalition efforts against ISIL.  We note that local security forces with a national security mission may include, in addition to Sunni tribal elements, local security forces that are committed to protecting highly vulnerable ethnic and religious minority communities, such as Yazidi, Christian, Assyrian and Turkoman communities, against the ISIL threat.”

That’s a lot of verbage, we know, but did you see it? Assyrian Security Forces!

This is a huge step forward! Not only were Assyrians listed specifically, by name, but their security forces were singled out, identified as a must-have part of the defense of the Nineveh Plain!

Thank you to everyone who has help RNNF in its work on behalf of the NPU. Thank you to all of our volunteers who have logged so many hours in the cause. And thank you most to all the brave Assyrian men and women in the Nineveh Plain who are the backbone of the NPU!

Now that the NPU is in the game, it is time to work even harder to ensure that they play their critical part in sending ISIS back to 7th century and securing the Nineveh Plain Province for all who call it their home.

Let’s get up the hard work and support!

To discuss a major gift or for details about the progress of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, please contact by email and we’ll get right back to you.

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