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The Gozarto Protection Forces respond to Paris terror attacks

7757ae45-7279-4ccd-8498-8f63b90ffdd1_GPF_Condemns_Paris_AttacksIn a statement issued today (see above), and sent to Restore Nineveh Now, the Gozarto Protection Forces (GPF), an Assyrian Christian force currently fighting ISIS in Syria, condemned the attacks in Paris by ISIS. In a written statement Ashur, the military spokesman for the GPF, said:

The Assyrian Christians fighting ISIS in Syria, condemn the attacks in Paris. We are praying for all of those killed and injured. We are fighting ISIS in Syria, and we know these violent people. We pledge to continue our fight against these violent Jihadists, and with the world’s help, we will defeat them and make Syria and the world a safer place for all of us.”

Restore Nineveh Now applauds the GPF in condemning these horrific attacks in Paris. For over two years Christians in Syria have suffered at the hands of Islamic terrorists, and the GPF has stepped forward as a defense force for Christians, fighting ISIS wherever they find them.

Restore Nineveh Now is proud to support the Christians in Syria who are fighting ISIS. Click here to see how you can help the GPF in their stand against the so-called Islamic State.  

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