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Important Notice! Matthew VanDyke Attacks Christians in Middle East!


Christians in Syria held hostage and executed by ISIS

In early November, Matthew VanDyke launched a hateful attack on Christians in the Middle East, the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) and the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation (RNN)!

In a hate-filled rant, written strangely in big letters (to make it seem more important?), VanDyke blasted Christians in the Middle East who are fighting for their lives against ISIS, claiming that these Christians were anti-American and fighting with the Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah.

Here is only some of what VanDyke wrote:

The GPF, backed by AMO and RNN, is a small, fringe group allied with the Assad regime, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, and does not represent the majority of Assyrian people. Many Assyrians are shocked that AMO and RNN are providing aid to an anti-American militia…”

VanDyke did not offer ONE SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE to support his bigoted attack, and has not even spoken with the Christians whom he accuses!

To prove this, Restore Nineveh Now contacted Ashur, the military spokesman for one of the Christian groups fighting ISIS (the Gozarto Protection Force), and asked him about VanDyke and his hateful claims. Here is what Ashur said:

First of all, I don’t know this man, this is the first time I hear his name. We don’t work with Hezbollah, we are just a group of Christians whose goal is to defend our people in this land, to don’t drive them to emigrate, and to protect their properties.


Can you get any clearer than that?


In addition to his strange and hateful idea that Christians are fighting with Muslim terrorists, VanDyke also accuses Christians in Syria of fighting for the Assad regime. As “proof” of this, VanDyke reproduced images of Christians who fight ISIS in Northern Syria holding the flag of Syria:


Above: Christians who fight ISIS holding GPF and Syrian flags

True, Syria is wracked by civil war, but Christians in Syria are still proud of their country. What the Christians of Syria might say to VanDyke would be something like:

“Why shouldn’t we hold the flag of Syria? It is the flag of our country!”

“Mr. VanDyke, don’t you know that the flag of Syria even flies at the United Nations? Is the UN fighting for Assad, too!”

United Nations member States_Syria

United Nations flies Syrian flag

What VanDyke misses (or does not understand) is that many have flown the Syrian flag, including Riad Al-Assad (pictured below), the once-commander of the Free Syrian Army which is fighting Assad:



The question is, of course, why would Matthew VanDyke try to hurt Christians in the Middle East?

It could be that since VanDyke is not a journalist of any kind, and has no investigative skills that one can see, he does not know better.

It is more likely that since VanDyke was dismissed by Christians in Iraq, the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU), for hisstrange and bizarrebehavior, so much so that he was asked to leave the NPU center and told to STOP using the NPU name and logo, that VanDyke is angry with Christians in the Middle East!

But, although Christians who are fighting ISIS have repeatedly told VanDyke, “Please stay away from us,” his strange and hateful attacks can hurt them, and we need your help to stop him!

Restore Nineveh Now and the American Mesopotamian Organization have tirelessly worked to raise money to support Christian families who have suffered while fighting ISIS. Through efforts like our Fallen Fighter Fund we have given thousands to Christians in desperate need.

To continue our support of the Christians of the Middle East and to stop VanDyke from hurting them, we need your HELP!

Please click here and Donate to the Restore Nineveh Now Foundation today!

Please click and Help us support Christians who are fighting for their lives against ISIS!

And PLEASE CLICK HERE to help us stop hate-mongers like VanDyke from attacking Christians!

Copy the text below and send it with your donation and we will send you a very special gift in appreciation of your support:

Mr. VanDyke, the Christians of the Middle East have suffered enough under ISIS. You need to stop your hateful attacks at once!

Include your initials with this message (no full names, please), and we will send it to VanDyke and let him know how strongly you feel about supporting the Christians who have suffered so much!

Thank you for your support!

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